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Total War on Government

Debt talks reveal the Republicans’ apocalyptic war on government – The Washington Post   federal tax revenue as a percentage of the gross domestic product is at its lowest level since 1950. The correlation between low federal taxes and job

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lotso incred undersea fotos

Andrej Belic

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DoJ Should Prosecute Newscorp

Murdoch and the British phone-hacking scandal: Why the U.S. should prosecute News Corp. and strip its TV licenses if it’s guilty. – By Eliot Spitzer – Slate Magazine First, it is hard to believe that the misbehavior in Murdoch’s media

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Self, Portrait

That is/was/is Betty Ford, as photographed by David Hume Kennerly in 1977 (on President Ford’s last full day in office), featured over the weekend at Iconic Photos (a great blog I’ve mentioned, and stolen from, before).  Her funeral is today. 

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Actual Headline vs Fox News Headline – Debt Ceiling Edition

Little Green Footballs – Actual Headline vs. Fox News Headline The actual Reuters headline:   The Fox News headline:

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You never know – but try a re-start

New category:  Production Diary. These will be notes, sometimes a bit rambling and raw, often including tech stuff that may make little sense to ZC regulars and be of even less interest, but… you never know.  You never know what

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Old Releases: Very Tiny

Last night, watched WALL STREET 2 on HBO.  To put it all in an uncharitably Hollywood manner, it was has-been Oliver Stone’s story about has-been Michael Douglas/Gordon Gekko’s return to the world-stage at the moment of has-been America’s too-typical financial

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Few of the Best Music Vids You Ain’t Probly Seen

Flavorwire » A Few of the Best Music Videos You’ve Probably Never Seen There’s a bit of this trippy animated weirdness going round at the moment — see also Flying Lotus’s “Zodiac Shit” and Air’s “Sing Sang Sung” — but

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Murdoch’s Watergate

Carl Bernstein: Is Phone-Hacking Scandal Murdoch’s Watergate? – Newsweek For a long time his vehicle was the New York Post—not profitable, but useful for increasing his eminence and working a wholesale change not only in American journalism but in the

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Face It, Friends, Obama May Be Exactly As Republican As He’s Been Saying He Is

What Obama Wants –   People have asked me why the president’s economic advisers aren’t telling him not to believe in the confidence fairy — that is, not to believe the assertion, popular on the right but overwhelmingly refuted

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