Meesha Shafi, Chori Chori

(the frog isn’t the only one here who can post music videos just because)



Ae way mein chori chori teray naal laa layyan akhaan way
Without anyone knowing about it, I locked my eyes with you (and fell in love)

Mein chori chori…
Very quietly, very discreetly…

Duniya tou jakhaan tay mein duniya
I will keep this love hidden from the rest of this world

Jakhan tay mein pyar tera rakhan
Nevertheless, the love I have for you is safe

Way mein chori chori teray naal laa layyan akhan way
Without anyone knowing about it, I locked my eyes with you (and fell in love)

Pyaar pichchay har koee mittiyaan vee chaan da
In the pursuit of eternal love, lovers will even sieve sand

Jis da na ik pal vir meri jaan da
Not even a single moment of my life is mine now

Phair vee mein jhallee ho keh
But the simpleton that I am…

Raah teri takkan
I sit here, waiting for you to come to me

Way mein chori chori teray naal laa layyan akhan way
Without anyone knowing about it, I locked my eyes with you (and fell in love)

Mein chori chori…
Very quietly, very discreetly

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  1. the frog, late last night, almost took the radical step of e-mailing to you and asking you to post more music.

    your last two music posts were personal favorites and I really liked that other, earlier coke studio thing.

    I shall now revel in my surprise and delight and listen to this’n

  2. Beautiful, beautiful song. I love the little percussive touches–the stuff I’ve learned to appreciate since being responsible for them myself in our band.
    But, CK, all I could hear in my head as she sings those sweet words is…”All or nada, come hell or high water, you gotta do what you gotta…I’m gonna stay high till hit rock bottom.” Can’t get it out of my head and it’s your fault. There’s just something totally addicting about that song.

  3. @ Scott Miller:
    I hear the lyrics a little different, but that’s to be expected… the main point is that rhyming “nada” and “gotta” and, kind of, “bottom” is contagious evil of a very fine, to be encouraged type.

  4. @ fuster:
    Would please my be-er.

    And here are the lyrics for your delectation:

    Alif allah chambay di booti, tey meray murshid mann vich lai hoo
    My master has planted the fragrant seed of love in my heart

    Ho nafi uss baat da paani dey kay
    Which flourished with modesty, piety and acceptance of his existence

    Har ragaay harjai hoo
    My God is present in every throbbing pulse

    Ho joog joog jeevay mera murshid sohna
    My spiritual guide is ever-present

    Hatay jiss ay booti lai ho
    The one who blew life into me

    (chorus # 1)
    Pir meraya jugni ji
    I have the spirit of my guide

    Ae way allah waliyan di jugni ji
    The spirit of all the messengers who brought His message to this Earth

    Ae way nabbi pak di jugni ji
    The spirit of Holy Prophet

    Ae way maula ali wali jugni ji
    The spirit of Ali and his followers

    Ae way meray pir di jugni ji
    The spirit of my saint

    Ae way saaray sabaz di jugni ji
    The spirit of all his words

    Dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gootkun… karay Saeein
    Everytime I think of you God, my heart flutters

    Parhay tay kalma nabi da Parhay saeein pir merya
    So I recite the kalma whenever I think of God

    (chrous #1 repeat)

    Jugni taar khaeein vich thaal
    O my creation, share whatever you have

    Chad duniya dey janjaal
    Remove yourself from worldly concerns

    Kuch ni nibna bandiya naal
    There is nothing that you can get from other human beings that you can take to the after-life

    Rakhi saabat sidh amaal
    Just keep you actions and intentions pure

    (chorus # 1 repeat)

    Jugni dig payee vich roi
    So absorbed was the creation that she stumbled into a ditch

    Othay ro ro kamli hoi
    There she wailed relentlessly

    Oddi vaath naye lainda koi
    But there was no one who enquired about her

    Tey kalmay binna nai mildi toi
    Remember, there is no salvation for anyone without remembering your creator
    (chorus #1 repeat)

    Ho wanga charha lo kuriyon
    Put on your bangles, girls

    Meray daata dey darbaar dian
    Those that you get at your Master’s shrines

    Ho naa kar teeya khair piyari
    Daughter, don’t be proud of your youth

    Maan daindiya galaryaan
    Your mother scoffs and scolds you

    Din din talhi juwani jaandi
    That with each passing day, your youth slips by

    Joon sohna puthia lariyaan
    Even gold when put in the furnance moulds itself, there is absolutely no permanence

    Aurat marad, shehzaday sohney
    Women, men are like so beautiful

    O moti, O laa lariyaan
    Like pearls, like the gems

    Sir da sarfa kar naa jairey
    Those who are not self-centered

    Peen prem pya lariyan
    They are the ones who truly love the humanity

    O daatay day darbaan chaa akho
    Whenever you visit the darbar of any saint

    Pawan khair sawa lariyan
    God fulfils all your wishes and showers you with his blessings

    (arif plus meesha)
    (chorus 2)

    O wanga charha lo kuriyon meray daata tey darbar diyan
    Put on your bangles, girls … Those that you get at your Master’s shrines

    O wangha charha lo kuriyon meray daata tey darbar diyan
    Put on your bangles, girls … Those that you get at your Master’s shrines
    (chorus 2 repeat)

    Dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gootkoon, gootkoon gootkon
    (chorus 1 repeat)
    Jugni ji
    Jugni ji
    Jugni ji

  5. They’re used to be a version with subtitles but they removed it… Need to do a presentation that makes it easier to follow along… may actually create that…

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