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10 Reasons Perry’ll Need a lot of Prayer

Why Rick Perry Won’t Win | Mother Jones Everyone looks good before they get into the race. Remember how great Tim Pawlenty was supposed to be? But just wait a few months for Perry to get beat up by his

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The Jig Is Almost Up For The Eurocons

Europe’s Conservative Confusion – By Tyson Barker | Foreign Policy   Europe’s conservative leadership has been stuck on the most salient issues that dictate the future of eurozone governance — wage indexation, private-sector participation in sovereign bailouts, raising retirement ages,

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AP 9/11 Photo Package

Associated Press Sept 11 Photo Package [bunch more at link]

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On a right wing and a prayer

Rick Perry’s Unanswered Prayers –   In the four months since Perry’s request for divine intervention, his state has taken a dramatic turn for the worse.  Nearly all of Texas  is now in “extreme or exceptional” drought, as classified

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Hey, how about a gunslinging Texan with an ask-questions-later foreign policy for Prez?

Rick Perry, the “hawk internationalist” | The Cable   “He will distinguish himself from other Republicans as a hawk internationalist, embracing American exceptionalism and the unique role we must play in confronting the many threats we face,” one foreign policy

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Cosmodog Rising

Laika, the Alternative Endings – Nerdcore   Laika, the Alternative Endings „The alternative endings to Laika“-Show by Nick Abadzis (via Comics Alliance)  

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A dastardly leftwing plan to accuse Mitt Romney of being… a REPUBLICAN

How Obama Can Win | The New Republic Americans turned against the GOP en masse at the end of the Bush administration and never turned back. Republicans won the midterm elections in part by simply escaping public wrath against Democratic-controlled

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Letting Donald Trump spittle his way across the TV screen, for minutes on end, while we wait for Obama to speak?

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The Head Decapitant

The TPers think they’re fighting to save capitalism, American freedom as ordained by God, before it’s too late, “too late” amounting to “any day now” by their variously innumerate and fantastical pseudo-calculations. Yet, in a way, kind of a park

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Do the *&($#*^ math: Rightwing obstructionists are a bigger problem than debt and deficits

Credibility, Chutzpah and Debt – [T]here is no reason to take Friday’s downgrade of America seriously. These are the last people whose judgment we should trust. And yet America does have big problems. These problems have very little to

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