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National misery, despair, and suicidal self-destruction, and nothing will be done about it

Debt-ceiling crisis: The debacle revealed that politics is broken in every possible way, and that there is no point in explaining complicated matters to the American people. – By Jacob Weisberg – Slate Magazine   It is hard to remember

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2012 – it’s the paradigm, stupid

Assuming that 2012 things are about like 2011 things or worse (N.B.:  big assume; a few months ago most mainstream economists thought happy days were almost here again), then the election will be a paradigm test:  Political pseudo-science calls for

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Stop pushing on the string: Inflate it

The Second Great Contraction – Kenneth Rogoff – Project Syndicate Many commentators have argued that fiscal stimulus has largely failed not because it was misguided, but because it was not large enough to fight a “Great Recession.” But, in a

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I don’t give a chainsaw about anything

Mental Health Break – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast

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That Darn South Keeps On Rising Again

  The Tea Party, the debt ceiling, and white Southern extremism – War Room –   In light of this recent history, it is clear that the origins of the debt ceiling crisis are to be sought, not in

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Get ready for the battle of all mothers in Winter 2012-3

Statement: Robert Greenstein, President, on New Debt Ceiling Agreement — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities   To be sure, the joint committee will have the legal authority to produce a balanced package that includes revenue increases as well as

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