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Whatever its causes…

Pax Americana?

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guess it’s cat day around here

Let’s kill something!

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harsh reality

a cat learning the harsh realities of how viral videos work on YouTube

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Checkmated by the Greater Israel Lobby

We had a window. It’s important to remember who shut it, and tried to lock it tight.

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Enlighten your rocks off

Yoga has long been known for its metaphysical benefits to mind and body, but devotees are talking openly about the orgasmic pleasure they experience during practice.

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Save a pretzel for the gas jets

h/t Dan Amira

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Blood Libel about Blood Libel about Blood Libel and so on…

…politics as the commencement of stupidity, a substitute for thinking, busy-work for those who lack the patience or inclination to think.

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(some balance for “Family Tree”)

h/t daily cafe + video

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baseball-centric aside

See, here’s an example of a low-content post that can serve also as an open thread for Phrog & Sphinxter to talk about them Yankees and them Angels and so on. I can even decorate it with an image:

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Here’s my suggestion for a Tea Party anthem

I’m not kidding.

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