Put on your bangles, frogs

Wanted to explore subtitling anyway, plus I was sorely disappointed that the version of “Alif Allah Chambey Di Booty” with real-time English language subtitles disappeared from YouTube.

It will take a good long while for the video to load once you hit play, so be patient, though after it’s loaded once, it should play quickly thereafter (during the same session… on most set-ups/browsers… I think). So you might try starting it, then doing something else… (Don’t have a fast server as on YouTube or Vimeo, and for various reasons don’t want to upload to either service in violation of copyright and terms of service – on principle, cuz have further designs, cuz there was a specific request on this particular video not to do so.) If your results vary greatly from mine, let me know.

I was guessing at a few points regarding the available English language translation, which reads very much like the effort of a very ESL translator.
(Just watched it all:  Sorry about rushing the titles on the chorus a couple of times.  Shoulda caught that… I’ll fix it later I expect.)


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  1. @ fuster:
    Took a couple minutes for me… Like I said, may be best to busy your amphibious self doing something productive… other alternative is to make a big annual contribution to Zombie Contentions and we can upgrade to a big mammal’s hosting plan!

  2. @ CK MacLeod:it’s about 7 hrs and counting.

    I don’t expect to see the end of the year, but if i do, will gladly send contribution…..

    and, of course, just s I was typing contribu…..the music started.


  3. @ fuster:
    could be your browser, set-up,, connection, computer aint helpin as much as they could…

    …too bad about not making it to the end of the year there… you’ll be hard to replace… assuming any of the rest of us do make it to the end of the year…

  4. it was worth the wait.

    sounds to me as if 8:00 is just a real short version. that thing could go on half an hour and still be strong.

    (will have kid send post-croaking contribution)

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