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Otto, the Intro

Just so y’all can have a little bit better idea of what Scott and I have been discussing, here are the introductory pages, kind of the preface, to OTTO, which I seem to have written somewhere around 1993-4.  Tech-wise, it

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Once one dismisses the rest of all possible worlds…

I’d expected to be writing a very different post just around now

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Bill Kristol’s conservative life passes before his eyes


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It Can Never Never Be

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Too much o nothin makes a man ill at ease

The U.S. president will not be deeply engaged in the world for more than a year. The rest of the world knows this, of course. The question is whether and how they take advantage of it.

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Re-Birth of the Cool

In this case, researchers are attempting to re-create the effects of volcanic eruptions to artificially cool Earth.

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Alexey Terehoff

UPDATE: Here’s a version of “Capital” with subtitles – you may have to watch it full screen in order to read them: I’ve kept the I believe higher quality Vimeo version below (tho if you click on 720p on

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Hitler kaput and other nice things…

Hitler kaput and a stop motion angelkid flies time-lapsed tilt-shifted future cityscapes to save a baby with Moby…

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Thou gorbellied tickle-brained measle, thou spleeny flap-mouthed maggot-pie!

Shakespeare Insult Kit

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I See What I Want I Want What I See

Un-Sticking the Re-Design post from first position, but you’re still welcome to make suggestions there, here, or anywhere: So here are some new items for the image archives.

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