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Federal Bureau of Islamophobia

“Teaching counterterrorism operatives about obscure aspects of Islam without context, without objectivity, and without covering other non-religious drivers of dangerous behavior is no way to stop actual terrorists.”

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Unpromising Land

Benny Morris: Months ago, Ehud Barak predicted that Israel will face a “political tsunami.” Here it comes.

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For the Frog especially

If you’re going to do a music video-centered post, and don’t want to screw up the design and give me a headache, please do one or more of the following: Write an “Excerpt” and place it in the “Excerpt” box

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Schreikasten – the plug-in that created the Wall substitute – ist kaput.  Too much weird interaction with other plug-ins, and unpredictable action across browsers.  Plus it may be what was vexing bob.  And we don’t like to vex bob any

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aside on asides

everything else aside, I just wanted to see how this set-up formats an “Aside.”

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…just seemed like the time. I had to take some kind of break from the movie-thing thing, but I also haven’t done any work on the blog for a long time, after a year at least of making threats.  Since

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Nanny Erdogan

Turkish Leader Urges Vote for Palestinian Statehood –   “The Turkish state is in its core a state of freedoms and secularism,” Mr. Erdogan said, explaining Turkey’s support for the Arab revolutions. “The world is changing to a system

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Toward a Society of the Anti-Spectacle

Jonathan Bernstein asked for suggestions on 9/11 Reading/Viewing/Listening.  I suggested: Gillespie THE THEOLOGICAL ORIGINS OF MODERNITY Wright THE EVOLUTION OF GOD Lilla THE STILLBORN GOD Ansary DESTINY DISRUPTED (A History of the World through Islamic Eyes) Van Creveld THE TRANSFORMATION

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Gettin down to the real important stuff with Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson on Judah Maccabee, Christopher Hitchens, and Circumcision – Jeffrey Goldberg – Entertainment – The Atlantic One of the more brutish aspects of the Hannukah story was the decision by the Maccabees to forcibly circumcise assimilated Jews. Some Jews,

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10 Years Later: Declare Victory and Resume History

RealClearWorld – 9/11 and the Successful War   [I]nternational law has simply failed to address the question of how a nation-state deals with forces that wage war through terrorism but are not part of any nation-state. Neither criminal law nor

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