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Bin Laden Didn’t Win, But America May Have Lost

Andrew Sullivan Asks: Did Osama Win on 9/11? – The Daily Beast   Yes, I know many were not fooled. I tip my hat to them. I am ashamed my own panic overwhelmed my own judgment. But that is an

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On Leaving the Republican Cult (Reflections of a Retired Capitol Hill Staffer)

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult Some liberal writers have opined that the different socio-economic perspectives separating the “business” wing of the GOP and the religious right make it an unstable coalition that

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Put on your bangles, frogs

Wanted to explore subtitling anyway, plus I was sorely disappointed that the version of “Alif Allah Chambey Di Booty” with real-time English language subtitles disappeared from YouTube. It will take a good long while for the video to load once

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OK, let’s try again: Just cuz they’re not absolutely the same as certain religious kooks doesn’t mean they’re moderates

Kilgore: Yes, Perry And Bachmann Are Religious Radicals | The New Republic   [A]ll the recent carping about liberal alarm over the religious underpinnings of contemporary conservatism seems to miss the big picture rather dramatically. Both Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry

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