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BTW in case you missed it Film is dead

“Someone, somewhere in the world is now holding the last film camera ever to roll off the line.”

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as if we needed yet another problem

(h/t Nerdcore)

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…and now a word from Koli Gindas

It’s my fuken borthday
so no one can horth may.

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Conservative Politics as Warfare

The most dangerous group of political extremists today is not the grass roots supporters of the Tea Party. It is the major sector of the Republican financial and ideological elite who have embraced the philosophy of “politics as warfare.”

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Gotcher Silver Lining Right Here, Dude

The switch in advantage to the US is relative. It does not imply a healthy US recovery. Yet America retains a pack of trump cards. The 21st Century may be American after all, just like the last.

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Campaigning on foreign policy among those who don’t care about it

“Just imagine what I could get done if the Republicans were as willing to compromise as, say, France.”

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Seems we just get started then before you know it…

It’s simply better that the troops all leave. And it’s far, far better that the Obama administration didn’t accept either a fatally flawed deal or one which had not won Iraqi political consent — which were the only other plausible outcomes.

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further on the descent into political prisencolinensinainciusol

…if voters who agree with Obama are inclined to vote for Republicans because Republicans are blocking Obama’s ideas, then not only is 2012 lost, but the descent of American politics into hysterical irrationality is complete

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You’re getting warmer, warmer… REALLY

In the press release announcing the results, Muller said, “Our biggest surprise was that the new results agreed so closely with the warming values published previously by other teams in the US and the UK.” In other words, climate scientists know what they’re doing after all.

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The neoneoneocons are back in neo-neon

If some poor Democratic president doesn’t follow their advice, he’s labeled a wimp who is endangering U.S. security. If the wimp starts a war, the game continues with charges that the president isn’t really trying to “win” the war and should be adding more troops.

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