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So the first time I watched the above I was truly distracted by the video, hardly could process the music at all, kept wondering if it wasn’t a weird act of violence against the singer, but the second time through I was listening to the music, and though I still kind of had trouble with the video, found it distracting and kind of demeaning, the whole play-joyfulness of it got to me, and I found myself listening to it more closely, and, by now, I’m just into it, even though I’m still not “sure” about it – but… it’s just a single song, and it’ll make me remember Lisa Hannigan as a good sport as well as a good singer and overall a phenomenon I can feel comfortable with…

…so I guess it works really well, in a way.

UPDATE:  Now, the third time, when I put it on full screen, picked 1080p, and turned up the sound, well, that version removes all doubt:  The color and life justify all – love the song, love her, and great visualization for both.

As for the next, was immediately hooked by the animation, still haven’t figured it out in any relation to the song…  Was originally going to put it first, but the Hannigan vid grew on me and I still haven’t even listened to this one all the way through yet.

The throwback musical style on #3 suits the throwback cassette deck action.  Most of Nerdcore’s young-guy-band stuff doesn’t appeal to me enough to re-post here, but that one worked for me.

Some electro-industrial or whatever they’re calling it these days to round off the selection.   Good semi-off-rhythm, complementary/spatializing visuals:

If have a little more patience than I did, go back to Nerdcore and tell me if there was something there I should have given more time to.




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  1. The Hannign was the only one I could listen to all the way through. Very fun. Loved the vid.

    The others don’t cross the brain/music barrier for me, which says little about them… The Timber/re vid – kinda your reaction to bop – appreciate more than like.

    • Some of your music postings had led me to believe that the brain-music barricades, if not entirely thrown down, had been critically breached, and that rabbles of notes were besieging the last bastions.

    • …there is something almost crudely erotic about spraying, dolloping, and finally drenching the innocently white female with psychedelical liquid, and I won’t pretend to be immune to the appeal of such imagery in its raw, conventionally pornographic form. So the whole video is a sexual coming-of-age parable, which works with the lyrical content as far as I can make it out – by the end it’s a happy gang-bang, and Hannigan is transformed from virgin to porno star… in a nice way.

      • I saw it somewhat differently…as playing with the reaction you describe, but rejecting thevirgin/porn star duality entirely to express a kind of nondual joy. But thatmay be just me.

        • It’s yer basic Kantian antinomy: From the one point of view the duality is false, from the other point of view there are two kinds of people in the world, those who think there are two kinds of people in the world…

        • but beyond that I’m not proceeding from the assumption that everything that evokes the pornographic, and even while objectifying a woman to a a sexually arousing effect, must be condemned. I think the video steps over into the porno-erotic, but I like the porno-erotic. I think to complete the effect, or expression, as a viewer or critic you have to move beyond the naive reception of the event just like the heroine moving beyond “tying knots in her heart” trying to hold onto the moment.

        • ? nah – maybe I’m not getting the joke – but the white of her dress against the white wall is central to the visual statement. The colors of her hair, skin, eyes, mouth stand out from the beginning, though are also of course, eventually drenched in paint. Her innate “color” is so fundamental that it hardly bears being referred to, but it plays a role in the symbolic drama, too.

  2. I had good reason to be grumpy all day yesterday, but still don’t quite see that the paint splashing aded much value. could be that I’m missing out on the allure of a good bit of male perversity or territoriality or sumpin’

    • fuster: good reason to be grumpy all day yesterday

      beyond the Yanquis or lack thereof?

      fuster: don’t quite see that the paint splashing aded much value

      splashing paint is close to an end in itself… nice HD rendering of good paint splashing nice in itself… HD rendering of paint splashing on wholesomely purty girl singing nice song with splashing building in artitistical coordination with purty singing and playing is more niceitude… emergent edgy not-exactly-nice dimensionalizing resonances may or may not add interest and lend aura of significance to the video, make an argument for it as more than just a nice diversion, explain why a moldering old guy with theoretically better things to do would play it over and over and devote time to thinking about it… goes without saying that the analysis may eventually say more about the moldering old guy and his interests, and those of other moldering oldsters, than about the audio-video object itself.

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