The Cain Scrutiny or Devolution No. 9

Ain’t even enough of a non-there there to say there ain’t no there there.  There just ain’t.

Michele Bachmann, encountering something almost as wacky as her own brief flirtation with being “taken seriously” ( as if!) in the R field, suggested that if you turn Cain’s “9-9-9 Plan” upside down, etc. etc.  …what passes for humor with these types.  Any upstanding Boomer can tell her that you don’t turn it upside down – you play it backwards.  When you do that, it should say, “Cain’s got fewer than 9 of his 15 minutes left.”

UPDATE:  Not a plan, just a simulation.

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  1. he wants 18% of your half of a cookie and 9% of the other guys 11.

    not a good tax policy but might get him some campaign donations

  2. Btwe, I agree with you with the ‘Breaking Bad’ finale, di you get a change to look at ‘Homeland’ and/or you going to look at
    the Second Season of ‘Walking Dead’

  3. Will give the WD a chance. Have been recording HOMELAND, but not watching the recordings. They just sit there on the DVR… Same now for DEXTER, whose premiere I found lame and overly self-conscious. I think DEXTER might be done for me now. But BOARDWALK EMPIRE I’m really liking. So BE + WD might be about as much as I want TV-fiction-wise. Would you want to persuade me that HOMELAND is worth my time and remnant brain?

  4. It operates on narratives, Dane’s Matheson, may be correct or just paranoid, Lewis’s Brody may be a sleeper agent, or just confused, and Morena Baccarin is his wife, what else needs to be said,

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  1. […] to the alleged harassee was $45,000, not only a numerological “9,” but a reiteration of Mr. 9-9-9′s “lucky number” 45 – to which he devotes a chapter – 9, of course – of his […]

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