I take back what I was saying about that thar Phrog-ugliness being a joy to all.

I gotcher turning burning world right here:

Post-Apocalyptic Disneyland - possibly better than a bloody eye


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  1. I know my Tsar. He may sometimes fail to find the motivation to post something to knock my nonsense down the page, but give him a choice between a little effort or getting poked in the eye…….

  2. The Manhattan Bridge connects to Brooklyn and is quite near the Brooklyn Bridge

    DUMBO is very urban, old indusrtrial, and brick.

    I’m away in the middle of Brooklyn in what the outside world knows as Flatbush. former farm land and big old wooden houses.

    If you saw the movie of “Sophie’s Choice” and remember the rooming house that they lived in, that’s what my neighborhood and house looks like. (It was filmed a round here). Hundred year old houses built for when families had a half-dozen kids and needed as many bedrooms.

    Most important for a drummer, detached and with a full basement.

    • So, right next door by So Cal standards.

      A lot of the apartments in the area where I used to live had little castle-like fixtures – faux crenellated battlements and so on – similar to those burning in the Disneyland image. Used to be home to Disney studios before they moved north, and though it also had an Sir Walter Scott thing going on since one of the original white denizens of the area was a big fan of Ivanhoe. The last street I lived on was called “Rowena” (Ivanhoe’s lady love).

  3. We’ve got a few really swank apartment building with some of those features.and damn me if I say that I ever expected to have somebody say faux crenellated battlements to me.

    I guess it’s as miggs would say,.nobody expects …….

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