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Psychotic Elephants Smash Depressed Donkeys

…the assertion that we are one seems to be contradicted by the first mildly combative gesture.

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“Why GOP benefits from blocking jobs policies the public supports”

The voter is cynical, but not as cynical as the political class and the media. Together, they expose the very worst about America, in being utterly typical of it, but the fog of banality conceals the catastrophe from view.

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OWS are the real Constitutionalists

The Constitution says that “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union, a Republican Form of Government.” A “Republican Form of Government” is not a government controlled by Republicans.

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The Walking Alive (Occupy This Blog)

If Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Everything does not and cannot yet represent a plan, a path, or a way, it at least presents the idea – chorally, in the manner of an incantation – that the time for remaining absent from our own cities, our politics, our lives (zombie time, death-in-life) has come to an end.

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“Manual” Excerpts

How to enable option to write fascinating excerpts for your posts like this one right here…

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bob’s photo posts

Just added a page that gathers together bob’s photo posts.  I struggled hard to come up with a a title for the page, as well as for this post, as you will see if you look above, and then again.

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I take back what I was saying about that thar Phrog-ugliness being a joy to all. I gotcher turning burning world right here:  

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Forever alone

within forever alone, within forever alone, within forever alone…

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A tragedy in the making

Continued Republican intransigence and the looming election of 2012 may have finally energized Obama, and caused him to abandon his “story” of a united America, but it may be too late

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