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The Question Concerning Love of Apples

Apples, Loving Them

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What OWS is so angry about – in charts…

Let’s start with the obvious [1 of 41]: Unemployment. Three years after the financial crisis, the unemployment rate is still at the highest level since the Great Depression (except for a brief blip in the early 1980s).

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The Cain Scrutiny or Devolution No. 9

#9, #9, #9, I buried Herman.

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May destroy your brain for a while…

something I think don’t panic

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The 100%’s

1% of which 100%?

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Happy Birthday T-Monk…

Some music to listen to as you admire the new additions to our image archives…

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music videos

via Nerdcore

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far be it from me…

…far be it from me actually to “watch” a baseball game… but is what Girardi is already doing bringing in all of these pitchers by the 4th inning in any way “normal” for modern baseball and a game, even a

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Beyond Palindome

Today, we lost one of the very best in American history, a reticent genius and entrepreneur… and we also saw the end of the road for one of the very worst

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Pulp Sartre

Easy to forget that the publishers of Jean-Paul Sartre, Aldous Huxley, Mary Shelley, and William Faulkner… were in it for the money, too. The above images and others in the following gallery (click for full images, of course) all come

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