summing up

Ultimately, Rick Perry is going to be remembered as the man too stupid to win this Republican nomination. That is a remarkable feat.


In the end, all press is good press. Perry’s campaign has been on a downward spiral for months, and the debate brain melt at least puts the candidate back in the news. Perry’s media blitz will boost his name recognition, which could easily translate to a bump in the polls, at least temporarily. But a little push may be all Perry needs to regain momentum as his campaign heads into the home stretch before the real voting begins.

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  1. I always feel sorry for people who experience brain freeze and I’m not sure it’s over for him. It may not be possible to be too stupid to win this Republican nomination. It may also not be possible to be too conflict averse to lose the Democratic one.

  2. He really started ‘losing altitude’ with his heartless comment re the critique of in state tuition, It was probably a defensible policy, but he chose not to argue the facts.

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