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This is your brain on Breitbart

“*sniff* *sniff* There’s just something about a police baton swung towards the skull of #OWS that *sniff* chokes a man up. #ItsSoBeautiful” and so on, and so on…

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like it better than the movie, though maybe I should give it another try one of these days waddayathink?

Davyd, Music Video Remix of A. I. Film by Pogo (h/t Laughing Squid)

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Nkratoooooo! more at Ghallywood Direct

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beautiful ISS timelapse photography with only somewhat annoying soundtrack

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Wal-Mart Torquemadas

Pelley just looked at his watch, said to himself, “Fk this shit,” and gave up and went and got hammered in the hopes that he would not have to ask any of them a question about torture ever again.

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Adventures in fee-for-service medicine

Problems circulating.

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About that “media bias,” or Ombudsman Ombud Thyself

Had Jennifer Rubin promoted (and admitted agreeing with) such disgusting bile toward Jews and Israelis, as expressed by Rachel Abrams (neoconservative royalty) her journalism career would have been over, but because it was directed at Palestinians, it continues to thrive.

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Why They Fight

Confident conservative white men, as a group, were almost six times as likely to believe climate change “will never happen” than the rest of the adults surveyed.

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9 Foreign Policy Questions for the GOP Candidates

1. Mexico is being torn apart by a civil war to control the drug routes to the United States. Many Mexican leaders urge drug legalization in the US in order to move the drug trade away from violent criminals to legitimate business. If a Mexican president asked you to consider such a step, what would you answer and why?

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Nuke programs end with a lot of whimpering, not a bang

Qadhafi decided against WMD long before the Iraq war. Osirak was a complete failure. And so on.

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