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What Europe’s Problems Do NOT Tell Us

The idea, presumably, is that the crisis countries are in trouble because they’re groaning under the burden of high government spending. But the facts say otherwise.

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summing up

Ultimately, Rick Perry is going to be remembered as the man too stupid to win this Republican nomination. That is a remarkable feat. OR In the end, all press is good press. Perry’s campaign has been on a downward spiral

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Rick Is Dead, Long Live Rick

Jonathan Bernstein thinks the debate was so bad that Perry’s world-historical Rick didn’t make him the worst debater of the night. Bernstein gives the award instead to “Prince Herman,” and unloads like a Malacca-class superfreighter:

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And as for Cain

Once you accept that it’s all one, the epiphenomena are a lot less annoying.

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We get it, we do (per request, kinda)

Obamaism as a negation of Reaganism is also its excrescence, as inevitably during the inherently uncertain and drawn-out transition between financialized neo-liberalism and its unnameable successor. The Republican candidates express the exhaustion and irrelevance of Reaganism in and to that context, except as the active expression of that exhaustion and irrelevance, in the familiar zombie format.

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oh how very exciting

a nationwide test of a nationwide emergency alert system.  The first stirrings of Colossus?  Skynet?  Wintermute/Neuromancer?  Mike?  Or maybe the coming to self-consciousness of the great mediatized Hegelian national-universal us?!  (Maybe that’s what the world-destroying super-computer entities express in alienated

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Defining Conservatism II – Facts on the Ground

A party that gives a motivational speaker ten times the support of a two-term governor of Utah, re-elected with 84 percent of the vote, with strong bipartisan credentials and an even stronger tax reform plan … well, it’s a party in free-fall that also doesn’t understand that it is.

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she is very reliable

Seems to me that if the Cain thing isn’t over now, it can only be because it never actually was.

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since the prior post was beginning to give rather than merely express mind-ache…

…seen now at a couple of the usual places, our old friend Cyriak’s new vid, “Kitty City”: It expands on, not sure it really improves on his net classic…

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from “visual poetry”

Visual-Poetry (h/t This Isn’t Happiness)

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