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Even badder Santa

Creepy Santa Display at Theme Park in Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamCreepy Santa Display at Theme Park in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Ron Paul Boxing Day

We ARE Ron Paul and his crazy newsletters.

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Messin Wit Phrogs

As Andrew Sullivan put it “clear evidence that video games lead to violence”

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Bris Soap

Ingmar Bergman’s Soap Commercials Wash Away the Existential Despair

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What the Truth-Seeker Finds – Homeland’s Finale

Truth destroys the truther, because self-annihilation is on some level what he or she was truly seeking all along, and, within the fictional narrative, is the same thing.

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Sacred Fascist Fount – now on video (you asked for it, Mr. Miller)

Greater or anyway historically more significant minds than Hitch’s have succumbed to the same temptation, and the assertion from any of us “I would never” is always premature.

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Not Quite Right Between the Eyes

Put the video after the jump, because someone picked a “splash” image that’s a little too memento mori for me to hit the wayward visitor with it right between the eyes.  (Am I wrongfully denying you a shock to which

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Legacy of the Iraq War…

The beliefs to which the end of the Cold War gave rise — liberal democracy triumphant, globalization as the next big thing and American dominion affirmed by a new way of war — have all come to rest in that unmarked grave reserved for failed ideas. Those who promoted and persisted in the Iraq war wielded the shovel that helped dig the hole. This defines their legacy.

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Who would mourn the WreckBrow?

…I’m thinking it’s coming time to retire the “Wreck Brow.”  If you want to recommend something, you know how to do it:  Put up a quick post, as an “aside “or not.  If you really want to make it easy

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Per Request (Part 1)

Part 1 of a video based on a suggestion by Mr. Miller relating to an earlier post.

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