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[2014-03-16: Scott’s site as I designed it is no more: links go to someone else’s work.]

What I’ve been doing lately includes putting up a site for Scott, with the objective of improving publicity for the full range of his yoga activities, including his successful and respected teacher training courses, and also his recently finished book What Is(n’t) Hatha Yoga.

Though it’s not the first site I’ve ever designed and implemented, it’s the first one I’ve done since gaining a reasonable level of command, rather than simple hunt-and-hack ability, over the key languages and applications involved – especially CSS (for formatting web pages) and PHP (for making them interact dynamically).

Which doesn’t mean that the thing isn’t hacky at this particular moment, or doesn’t have a long way to go.  I’ve only recently turned it from static to dynamic, on the way to full CMS (Content Management System) functionality and an augmented design concept.

Anyway, feel free to check it out and say nice things only, though that doesn’t mean that you should keep it to yourself if something malfunctions or displays totally wrong for you, or that you shouldn’t feel free to suggest improvements – in the comments or via e-mail.  You’ve got a link to the more or less free-standing book page above.  Clicking on the WYC logo should take you to the WYC main page.

One of the things I like and support most in what Scott’s doing is his fusion of East and West, as already conveyed in the name under which he does his yogic-communist free market business:  It’s a Western Yoga College, but it’s also a Western YOGA College or Western Yoga College, not to mention a business not really a college, and a college not really a business, meaning it’s a college in kind of a Western Yoga way, or a Western College in a yogic way.

And so on.

Future developments will include a book store, a yogistical blog/diary, multimedia offerings, and a dedicated page for Scott’s Kirtan band Yoga Das.  It’ll have a “multiple sites in one” design based on but not restricted to the elements of this design, which was done essentially as an upgrade from the previous site, which looked like this:

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  1. Congrats Scott and Colin!

    The look and feel of the site is very positive.

    It looks great and navigates well.

    Best wishes for the future.

  2. Thanks for the positivity guys. CK has done a great job. Just today I had lunch with someone who twice, at different times, brought up in general conversation how beautiful the new website is and how cooly it navigates. I’m lucky to have such a great site.

  3. was that one lunch today? or was it re-consumed after being brought up earlier?

    (I’m concerned that it might have been macaroni and cheez.)

  4. like the ” No-Self” Help Books….


    What Is(n’t) Hatha Yoga
    82 pages, softcover, $12
    $3 U.S. shipping
    (all quantities)

    might be tinkered with and clarified

    is my assessorism

  5. can I have as many copies as I want for $12 + $3 shipping

    or can I have as many $12 copies as I want for $3 shipping?

    who did the lovely flowing wyc logo ?

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