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  1. After all he had done in his seven years for the Los Angeles Lakers, forward Lamar Odom was so hurt by being included in a three-team trade for Chris Paul that was vetoed by the league, that he requested a trade Friday, according to a Lakers team source.

    His request was granted late Saturday night when the Lakers sent Odom to the Dallas Mavericks for an $8.9 million trade exception, as well as Dallas’ 2012 first-round pick and possibly additional draft considerations, according to’s Marc Stein.

    • The further theorizing is that they’re making room for additional moves, plus that under a post-triangle offense his role was going to be reduced, making his $20mm/year contract pretty pricey for a glorified sub.

      But the first part will be necessary to satisfy the fans and the also-disgruntled other players. It means that some of the ire that was being directed at Stern is instead affecting the Busses. Total radio silence out of Lakerdom, however, but after the CP3 circus, it’s hard to blame them for taking a breath.

      It means that the Clips have emerged as Paul’s own preferred destination after the Knicks and the Lakers.

  2. You’re right, I think, about what Odom gets. Was going to amend, but figgered you were watching the Boys v the Gs anyway. The $20MM for Odom figger musta been a round estimate of how much he was owed on the remainder of his contract.

    • Ain’t getting nothing nor no one except for a draft choice and rid of the Kardashians.

      Either it’ll help ’em make good moves, or it won’t. As someone put it at a Laker fan blog, a week or two from now either Buss and GM Kupchak will be heroes, or the mobs will be assembling with sharpened pitchforks.

  3. Only makes sense if they get Howard. I like Howard with the Lakers. CP is young and quick and would have been frustrated as a Laker maybe. I like CP with the Clips and Howard with the Lakers. In terms of the speed at which the teams want to play, those are good fits. I will miss Lamar but since I watched him as a Clipper too, I have had enough Lamar watching really. I hope he has fun with Dallas. He’ll play well with them.

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