David Stern probably won’t want to be attending any more games in L.A. this century

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  1. One thing I wanted to know was whether Gordon was or wasn’t part of the deal. I read that he wasn’t and then heard that he was. If Kaman, Gordon, Bledsoe, AF and a draft pick were involved, then no one can get CP. That’s an insanely good trade for NO when you consider that CP could walk after just one year. This really is insane!

  2. If the Hornets want Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu, Eric Bledsoe and Minnesota’s unprotected 2012 first-round draft pick…. I would insist that they also take Mo Williams as part of the deal.

    With Paul and Billups, the Clips’ll have the two best points in LA and the edge on being the best team in town.

  3. Well it will be the Pauly Pavillion for two years. The Clippers just traded for Chris Paul even though the Hornests wouldn’t agree to take Mo Williams along with the rest of the guys (and that 1st round Minny pick) and instead got a couple of second round picks.

    Vescey, that big ol’ Clips fan, must be grinning.

    • I said “premiere,” and I think it is or was a fact. Not caught up with it. Would like to see them surround their stars with adequate support. I’m not broken up about LO’s act getting shipped out of town – and I’ve never built up a whole lot of appreciation for Howard so if that doesn’t work out, I won’t feel it until he’s winning a championship somewhere. This pre-season is kind of extending the bad vibe of last season. OTOH, early reviews of Brown as coach are pretty good.

      It’s probably the Heat’s year anyway. And watching Paul and Griffin ought to be excellent until things go Clippery.

    • nyah… maybe once upon a time… even by the ’80s the guard was changing… Lakers & Michael Jordan made the league relevant… not that the Celtics aren’t important… if the Knicks ever got their act together…or who knows if Howard ends up with Williams in Brooklyn and it pans out, and media continue to decentralize, things could someday look different, but, as of now, the Lakers combine major media market, championships, superduperstars, and “Hollywood” during the time that all of that counted for something…

  4. the lakers after Magic are nothing more than Jerry West’s eye and acumen…..Is he still around the Lakers in any meaningful way?

    • OK. The other day I wrote a comment stating that Gordon, Kaman, AF, and a high future draft pick were too much for the Clippers to give up for Chris Paul. Now that the trade is final I take it back. What was I thinking? First of all, Gordon and Kaman are both hugely overrated. They are just not that good. Gordon never will be what the Clippers were hoping he would be. And screw draft picks. The Clippers have had a million of them. Griffin is the only thing that ever came of all their picks really, and now the Clippers have finally done something totally un-Clipper-like. They went all in. That has to change things. No more Clippery-ness! If the Clippers can change, everything is possible. And here’s the deal: there are so many beautiful things I could think of that need changing and obviously the time is right. Wars are coming to an end and the Clippers are no longer the Clippers, and now that the impossible is possible I’m going to put my positive thoughts toward dogs. You’re with me, right? We’re all dog lovers on this blog. We have that absolutely in common. So, starting now, how about we all believe that all the dogs in the world will be loved and cared for the way they should be once and for all.

    • As far as I can tell, West’s main involvement with the Lakers these days is occasionally to cast dark, head-trippy spells on them from a distance, though I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he and the GM still talk regularly.

      • Jerry can’t help casting dark, head-trippy spells. You heard he has clinical depression, right? Like dogs, depression is something I think most of us on this blog can relate to.

      • since arranging for the acquisition of Shaq and zeroing in on getting the rights to Bryant,,,,,

        have the Lakers drafted and developed much talent?
        Bynum looks like he could be pretty damn valuable, but otherwise…?

        • The answer is no. They have not developed any talent. Zero. Personally, I think Bynum is a steroid case who will always be hurt until he retires early. He’s a descent enough young man, but something ain’t right and his suddenly buff body and his totally out of character mood swingy eruptions last year convinces me he’s been juicing the last couple of seasons.

          • If I were a true hardcore Laker lover, I would now turn away and cry, but I think you’re probably right generally, but not necessarily about Bynum. On the other hand, the Laker objective since Shaq left was to get back on top and stay there while Kobe was in his prime and then while Phil was still willing and able to coach, which made drafting talent pretty difficult and developing talent too much of a long term project. I don’t recall Jerry doing a whole lot of great drafting and developing either. When were the Lakers ever about that? They’re about assembling and exploiting. Drafting and developing is for peons. I think the only really high draft choice they’ve had in the last twenty years was… George Lynch. Am I forgetting someone?

            • Just like that I’m glad CK sticks up for Obama, I’m glad you’re sticking up for Bynum. But he falls into the steroid camp because he’s 3 for 3. By that I mean he got too big too fast, he had multiple weird injuries from events that didn’t look like they should have caused injuries, and he had rage moments. 3 for 3.

              • Scott, he got BIG???????

                AFAIK, he’s actually lost weight since his his days around here.

                he was listed as 280 pre-draft and was round. I saw a lot of film of him pre-draft because there was lots of talk that the Knicks, who badly needed size, might take him with the 8th pick.

                Channing Frye was our pick, nearly as tall as Bynum and nearly 1/3 as wide.

                if he’s a roid boy he must have started when he was 15-16.

                • Regardless of whatever his listed weight was whenever, I think he’s clearly carrying a lot more muscle than he was when he first came up.

                  I’m agnostic. What kind of testing program do they have in the NBA?

                  • Bynum might not have been yet 18 when he started his rookie season.

                    ever see a high school player after four years in a major college program? not just a great reduction of body fat and much more muscle, but usually 25 or more pounds in body weight.

                    heck, Bynum still doesn’t weigh as much as Howling Wolf (pre-1976 weight)

                    • This is why you have to go 3 for 3 before I go “steroid.” It’s possible for someone to put on muscle like he did, yes. It was a lot of muscle in a short time, but it’s possible he did it clean, yes. Unlikely because he’s so not disciplined. Borderline Slacker puts on that much muscle in a short time still is not conclusive. But then you combine the weird injuries, and the totally out of character rages. Un-roided he’s too mellow. A sweet kid. I mentioned that at the beginning. Sweet kid goes ragey equals roids when you combine it with muscle and injuries of the sort he got.

  5. Still agnostic about Bynum, but Scott makes a good case for suspicion.

    Since Scott also suspects Kobe, maybe we can see that as the secret seedy backstory behind the Kobe-Bynum blow-up of a few years back. Kobe in roid-rage, or maybe delayed roid-rage, essentially saying “that kid needs to get with the program – I was willing to fuck up my life to put muscles on my twiggy sub-Jordan frame, he should be willing to do the same thing or just be a 7-foot girl for the rest of his life.”

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