Per Request (Part 1)

Following a suggestion by Mr. Miller under “Bloggers of the Sphere.”  More to come.  I think.

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  1. Good start.

    I liked your delivery much better than than the frenetic style of the vid Scott posted.,

    Might try my hand at a more basic approach myself.

      • I haven’t ever used any video recording tech. But my nephew recently sent me his paper from a course in Buddhist Philosophy he’s finishing comparing Buddhism and Behavioral Pscyh. It’s good enough that I’m not confident in responding in writing adequately. So I thought I’d try a more atmosphereic approach and make a vid. But I found the cam function of my pc pretty dissapointing, so Karen got me a web cam which is a real improvement in both sound and video. So once I finish responding to his paper, maybe I’ll turn my sights to to using it for something here.

        But you’re right, me on screen is pretty frightening.

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