Who would mourn the WreckBrow?

…I’m thinking it’s coming time to retire the “Wreck Brow.”  If you want to recommend something, you know how to do it:  Put up a quick post, as an “aside “or not.  If you really want to make it easy on yourself/don’t want to be an author, there are even easier ways for you to “share” a post or image you run across, utilizing Facebook or Twitter.  Let me know if you want instructions or suggestions.  I can even create a sidebar “widget” featuring your tweets, for example.  Or you could set up your own twitter account, and I could follow it… well, there’s various possibilities… though at some point I also can get lost in them…

Anyway, if anyone cares to plead for the WreckBrow before I get rid of it, here’s your chance.

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  1. Using the aside for as mch as I used wb is fine. I’m not on twitter or fb. Right now, don’t really have an interest in them.

    A fair amount of the discussion here is in response to wb articles. that’s mainly an observation, not an argument for or against anything.

    AT this point, continued evolution is a good thing.

    • Can see why you would hold off on twitter and fb. Here’s one thing it would enable you to do, quite apart from all of the other things people do on Twitter: Whenever you ran across some article somewhere you liked, you could click one of those little increasingly ubiquitous twitter buttons (or if you preferred FB “like”), and very quickly and easily share the link via your feed, which I would be happy to exhibit in the sidebar, either for yourself alone or as part of a group “list.”

      Or, without exhibiting your own widget here or appearance on a joint-list widget, you could just tweet the links (a one or two click operation, unless you cared to add a comment)), and trust me to re-tweet them onto my own feed. That might work as well, but would obviously depend on my active cooperation.

  2. The tweets have been interesting, Robin’s snark, at Hitchens, and apparently Vizzini like incomprehension at the meaning of the word ‘provincial’ someone who has stood up for dissidents to Latakia to Rangoon, really doesn’t fit. Greenwald’s total amorality, re Matt Hale and Hamas, amuses me,

  3. Yes, he did have the Hemingway bravado, and their are many judgements of his I don’t agree with, but for standing up to charlatans, like Galloway and hacks like Hedges, and ponderous jackasses like Michael Moore, and not joining in the two minute hate for Chalabi, all these things were the subtext,

  4. if you’re not able or it’s complicated and time-consuming,,,,I certainly understand.

    but it was serving ok when it was there……think there were thousands of comments…..

    so if it’s not bothersome, maybe we can find out if it serves

    whatever you think best.

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