Not Quite Right Between the Eyes

Put the video after the jump, because someone picked a “splash” image that’s a little too memento mori for me to hit the wayward visitor with it right between the eyes.  (Am I wrongfully denying you a shock to which you have a decent right, or am I rightfully hewing to my own reluctance to indulge in violence?)  Either way, still a diverting piece of work that Maria Popova of Brooklyn, for one, “love, love, love”‘s:

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  1. I’msure I’m missing something here, mybe I just came in late…kept waiting for diversion but didn;thappen for me.

    btw the link doesn’t hyper.

  2. Yeah, noticed the site running slow, thanks for the confirmation that it’s not just me or my ISP. Been a lot of that the last couple days. If it doesn’t get better right quick, I’ll ask my web host about it.

    Don’t know what makes you think we should be expecting guests, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Depending on which something you’re thinking about shaving, putting on your pants might be good enough.

    • CK MacLeod: Don’t know what makes you think we should be expecting guests

      Worrying about “wayward guests I guess. didn’t find the splash particularly rough in terms of commnity standards here, so I thought maybe you had an idea some one mght be stopping by. Now I can see th source of your puzzlement.

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