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China crashing, Brazil and India to follow suit

China faces an epic deleveraging hangover, like the rest of us.

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Site running very slow for any of the rest of youse guys?

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Though some may protest…

Shepard Fairey’s TIME Person Of The Year Cover

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Word Press Updated

WordPress has just come up with a new version – 3.3, nicknamed “Sonny” in honor of the saxophonist Sonny Stitt – with several new features, including “flyout” rather than static admin menus, and a “drag and drop” interface for adding

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Newt: The Establishment Nightmare That Could Come True

Conservative activists have a different view of the risks and opportunities of 2012 than either establishment pooh-bahs or the pundits. What looks to some like a winnable-or-losable general election looks to ideologues like the best chance in decades to replay 1964 and repeal the Great Society and the New Deal.

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Dreaming of an O landslide

If this tantrum lasts through the election, and if 2012 is for the Republicans what 1984 was for the Democrats, then finally our polity stands a chance of functioning again. The Tea Party will be dead and buried.

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Bloggers of the Sphere Unite! (You Have Nothing To Lose But Everything)

If the system cannot enact what the system must enact, then the system must be replaced.

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David Stern probably won’t want to be attending any more games in L.A. this century

CP3 not to the Clips either, apparently.

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The Neoconolist Conspiracy

Look: there’s nothing wrong with making strong arguments against those with whom you disagree. But when you call them anti-Semites and when you argue that there should be a campaign to isolate, defame and get rid of them, you have gone over into the kind of bullying that is inimical to an open society.

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true artestry

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