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Israel Third, To Be Precise

No one discussing the notion of “Israel First,” as no one once upon a time discussing the mirror notion of “America First,” can fully comprehend the paradox embedded in the concept except materially, except in the actualization of their ignorance – their, your, my, our ignorance – via politics.

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Commodity of Commodities

Avoiding climate catastrophe requires of democratic capitalism that it embrace its own absolute contradiction – catastrophically.

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Note to phrogs and other creatures

…WreckBrow is no more… to help keep you from selecting the old category – which was designed so its items did not appear on the main page, but only in the very special places set aside for them – I’ve

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Mitt v Newt: Triumph of the Negative Will

To re-state the theme of an earlier post written during the previous Newtening, the further Gingrich goes, the more the “massive external event” must be considered to have already undermined the position to which he ascends. He already represents crisis within the Republican Party.

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I noticed that Annie was gone, had somehow slipped out of my hands. Holding on to the found dog, I couldn’t see where she had gone, couldn’t figure out what happened to my old, blind dog.

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On the Sunday Question for Liberals

maybe we’re luckier than we deserve to be, or deserving because at least sufficiently aware to recognize the American conservative movement as catastrophe enough already.

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Even Conservatives Occupy

Even partisan primaries must eventually, if only intermittently, if only for a moment, re-capitulate the state as a whole.

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Brother Double Fantasy

In Huntsman – a callow, hesitant, and incoherent politician whose every word and gesture betray his status as a son of immense privilege and thoroughly suppressed urges to rebel – liberals, but not lefties, glimpse victory twice over: A significant electoral victory to come, one in which all of their splendid arguments and insights receive a favorably dispassionate presentation; and a victory already won, of a political discourse defined entirely on liberal terms, endlessly to their liking.

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Caesarobamism (On Those Recess Appointments)

What the Republicans have done is an example of the kind of challenge to self-governance that, multiplied out over the course of years, amidst waning national self-confidence and general and overwhelming skepticism regarding public institutions, would eventually, of necessity, likely prompt someone to cross the Potomac, destroying the DC Village even while intending, or pretending, to save it.

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John Carpenter’s Mitt vs the TrueCons

Not just an excuse to post a funny claymation video. No, really.

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