On the Sunday Question for Liberals

Dr. Plain in his regular “Sunday Question for Liberals”:

What has surprised you about the Republican presidential nomination battle? Anything? Do you think you’ve learned anything about the Republican Party that you didn’t know earlier?

I knew from long personal experience that the Republican Party was entirely lost to hope, and had wondered if the reality of it would be sufficient, once encountered in a national campaign, to defeat its candidates even on behalf of an incumbent rendered vulnerable by a peculiar political-economic conjuncture that rewarded his opponents for obstructing his efforts.  I hadn’t quite anticipated that the Republicans would produce a slate of candidates so odious and yet ludicrous that the country and the world would go to any length, even manufacturing some semblance of an economic recovery if that’s what it takes, to avoid bringing the eventual nominee to presidential power.  The other alternative would be some unifying national trauma, war or other disaster, but maybe we’re luckier than we deserve to be, or deserving because at least sufficiently aware to recognize the American conservative movement as catastrophe enough already.

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  1. You know it’s a catastrophe when a New Age meanie like me actually feels sorry for the candidates. I think I mentioned how some New Agers are in the habit of putting pictures of particularly disagreeable politicians on their alters and try to feel loving compassion toward them. Ram Dass is famous for having W on his alter and admitting that the best he could muster each morning was a “hey, George.” I think I actually could send real loving compassion to all the candidates because they’re just so damn pathetic. So who to put on my alter?

      • “Because he could be a lot worse to look at” would be a reason not to put him on the alter. It’s supposed to be challenging. I think you’re right, though. It has to be Romney because it would help me deal with my…um…how to put it?…”issues” with Mormon beliefs, and the effect that can have on how I feel about the person believing them.

        • Didn’t realize that self-torment was part of the deal, but, no worry really: Romney is “handsome” in such a mainstreamy Ken-doll way that you’ll grow to hate his face much more than you would almost any other kind of face. You’ll end up wishing it was the horribly disfigured half-flayed face of someone who hadn’t survived an industrial accident, or such like.

          Altar! Altar! Altar! (Sometimes you are such a right-brainer.)

          One last thing, you should visit the “plain blog about politics” on Fridays, since Jonathan Bernstein (whom I refer to as Dr. Plain) is a hardcore baseball and especially Giants fan, and loves complicated theoretical discussions of nuts and bolts baseball strategy, sort of post-Sabermetric stuff. In fact, it’s beyond nuts and bolts: It’s the equivalent of the study of the design and manufacture of nuts, bolts, and associated implements and devices. Remind me to remind you.

          • I will you remind you to remind me and please remind my left brain about the alter thing because I’ve been doing that altar thing my whole life. It’s embarrassing. Altar, altar, altar. Can’t learn Spanish either. I have a song I sing about my inability to learn Spanish. This would be a lot funnier if you could hear the tune that goes with it but it only has these words because they are the three words I say over and over again during my Spanish conversations with Laura:
            Que, Que, Que, Repeata, No Comprendo, Que, Que, Que, Repeata, No Comprendo.

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