Note to phrogs and other creatures

…WreckBrow is no more… to help keep you from selecting the old category – which was designed so its items did not appear on the main page, but only in the very special places set aside for them – I’ve deleted it.

My personal recommendation for recommendations is that you sign up on Twitter, and glory in the glories of two-click recommendation of recommendables.  I’d be happy to set you up, and add your tweets to the side-feed.  My guess is that you would soon find yourselves doing other twitterly kinds of things.

The other alternatives are to put up links on The Wall, or, for items that you think deserve “main page attention,” either to put up an Aside or even a real Standard post.  Or would you prefer that I (re-)create a “recommended” category?

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  1. I haven’t noticed any clamor for WB. Probably use Wall for bare or nearly be links and Aside if including article text or my own insightful comments.

    • The honorable Phrog put up his Sharia post in the WreckBrow category. So it warnt appearing nowhere no one could see it. Fixed that. Explained why. Lazy postin gents who don’t select real categories or tags for their posts…that’s another challenge to my dreams of an orderly universe where everything goes where it oughta.

  2. The wall was my wish and was generously granted.

    I couldn’t recall whether the Rec was mothballed and as the box was there, I gave it a go,

    aside suffices and thx for asking.

    would like a Heading func on aside if that’s a possibility.

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