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Supremely Original

The problem that matters is that an attempted return to the original moment is a search for a primordial “constituting power” that does not arise in Eden or the Promised Land, but somewhere in the wastes.

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Chomolungmous Shit Mountains Within

the truth of the search for intelligibility might be in that search for intelligibility, not in any “clear” “particular” “inteilligibles” yielded by some finally successful reading. Because this type of observation, once uttered, strikes us as unutterably banal – we habitually turn immediately to any other content.

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All together now: “My kinda ville, Obamaville’s”

Cuz skeery political sci-fi like this deserves to be savored: Closer visual analysis at Paleofuture.  Somehow they forgot the demon sheep, which everyone in Obamaville will have instead of pets, I think.  

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congrats to @attackerman

Serwer summed it up nicely: [blackbirdpie id=”182151313562411009″] Weigel offered a perspective that I suspect may also be appreciated in these parts: [blackbirdpie id=”182149858029879297″] For my own part I’d try, “Mazel tov!” but I’ve been confused about that one ever since

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Note on Religious vs Ethno-National Identity (or, Beck = Atzmon)

If you don’t know what you mean by “Jewish” or “American,” how can you possibly know whether or not it is or ever was or might someday be possible to be both American and Jewish

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gots kindofa gonnahavtaseeit thin goin

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I had wanted to write the following: it is their own inimitous ardency, rather than peace, that transfixes them. Yet I discover that “inimitous” is not considered to be a word.  I find that somewhat unfortunate, but I’m not sure

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Nine thoughts for discussion with a pacifist-universalist

The absolute universal verges on nothingness (is suspended in nothingness) in psychology as well as philosophy, in science as well as religion, mathematics as well as history – is the point/merely virtual or non-existent point where modes of logic and its alternatives become “one”/”nothing,” and where nothing in modern and so-called “post-modern” thought surpasses the thought of the ancients, whether called philosophers or called prophets.

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Unheard in Open Discussion (re Iranian nukes)

Put simply: Israel = friend, and Iran = enemy – designations that, not incidentally, neither country’s leaderships have striven much to alter over the last generation or two.

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Sarah Queen of Cons

It turns out that Palin’s reported possible/impossible misunderstanding about the difference between Queen and Prime Minister was already a for her typically borderline schizophrenic hallucination of a deeper and insuperable truth. By the time she was asked to join the the wrong team representing the wrong choice and destined to lose, the Free World had already begun to acclaim the rightful claim to its constitutionalized monarchy, under the rules of a game that is less a game than a secularized religion whose liturgy neither is nor can be easy to change.

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