…and then the Prez can deliver an adhan from the White House balcony!

Via The Dish, a suggestion from Richard Miniter for how the U.S. military could calm things down in Afghanistan following the Quran-burning controversy:

Passing out Qurans to Afghan civilians, if done reverently, would work to build trust and restore order.

…and I’m confident no one in the United States, where we’re all so very imperturbably broad-minded and ecumenical, would offer even a peep of protest.  Maybe some ACLU type would try to raise 1st Amendment questions, but overall I’d anticipate nearly unanimously positive, at worst indifferent reactions!


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  1. I don’t suppose that you might consider that it might be illegal fro the US military to pass out copies of the Quran………

    • direct your quibbles to Richard Miniter – I’m too busy thinking about what the chain e-mailers would make of it. Newt and the rest were already blowing gaskets over our merely apologizing for the original act of carelessness.

  2. perhaps we could have verses from the Quran tattooed onto the Reverend Terry Jones and pass him out to Afghans…..that might help both them and ourselves.

  3. All of which misses the point about why the Korans were put out of circulation, which led to an Abu Laaban special,

  4. yeah, miggs. I realize that you’ve been explaining that those Qurans were being burnt because they didn’t have all the bonus material and alternate endings.

    without regard to that, it might surprise you to know that there are some folks actually have ideas about how sacred books or flags or stuff should be “retired”

  5. In the big scheme of things, the lives of nine US servicemen, including two officers, by a Taliban, most likely ISI asset, seems to weigh more, than the sloppy disposal of some books that were used as communication tools for jihadis, but that’s just me,

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