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Reading Sarah Palin

Palinisms within Palinisms so Palinistically Palinish as to justify extended consideration.

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What Are Social Conservatives For? – 1 (Framing the Question)

Too esoteric for conventional polemics, yet at the same time too dangerously and immediately constitute matters of life and death. Its key exchanges mark the absence of actual dialogue, as in Poulos vs the Avalanche, and do not and perhaps cannot constitute a discussion of the matter itself, but are instead a staging of collisions between symmetrical refusals of engagement.

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Masket’s right, ROTS is best

Sith > Any of the Others because by the third time working with virtually unlimited budgets and contemporary technology, Lucas finally got it all mostly right, and produced a cinematic Gesamtkunstwerk beautiful to look at and listen to, as well as to “read.”

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…and then the Prez can deliver an adhan from the White House balcony!

If we had significant constituency of Islamophobic nut-jobs in the U.S., I might be less positive about the idea.

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