The fate of MWP and Mom Harden’s elbow – updated

Since ESPN took down the MWP Elbow of Doom video, here instead is the kind of obliquely related Key & Peele Dr. Peace and Mr. Artest anger unmanagement video that the Preezy of the United Steezy would appear to have been referring to last night on the Jimmy Fallon show:

Max Kampelman suggested that the league should give MWP a choice:  5 games suspended or one free shot for Harden’s mom and her elbow.  The fan theory is that he’ll get at least 8 games so that no matter what happens he’ll miss all of the first round and some of the second if there is one for the Ls. [changed my mind]

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    • Yubitsume is a very good idea. Mr. Miller might even approve of that.

      10 playoff games is the most I hear anyone discussing, enough to make it unlikely that MWP would play against OKC, since, if the Ls play them, it will be in the 2nd round.

  1. I do approve. See my wall comment regarding steroids. Can anyone explain why it’s become so un-PC to accuse people of doing steroids when they start acting crazy out of nowhere. MWP has been too peaceful for a couple years. He showed no signs of rage orientation at all. Then, right after a few weeks of resurgent physical capacity…BANG! So why can’t TV sports people speculate? Would they risk lawsuits? Is it considered sissy-like to go there? What?

  2. 6 playoff games if the Lakers make it that far.

    Apparently, there’s a general level of skepticism that PEDs are a big deal in the NBA, in part because it was thought, perhaps wrongly, that they didn’t apply all that well, in part because of supposed consciousness of their danger among team officials and team medical personnel.

    This article gets into it a little, from a skeptical perspective:

  3. I read the article. It does only get into it “a little.” One of my ideas is that guys who play in the Olympics are clean. You’d have to be really stupid or arrogant or stupid and arrogant to go there juiced. Kobe waited until he was clean to play and he no doubt has the means to time things super well. Shack never went even though he’s the kind of law-enforcement America first oriented kind of guy who would definitely had gone if he were clean. Bynum has good reasons (injuries) not to go now, but his best reason (being juiced) goes unstated of course.

  4. actually, Scott, they might not be clean, merely using something for which they’re not tested.

    There are vague rumors that Artest may have used MFPGH

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