Folio Installments

Uber-blogger Andrew Sullivan says:

A blogger who is not prepared to make a total fool out of himself is not a real blogger.

It’s easty to understand what he means:  If you are committed to writing, and writing, and writing, day after day, in public, in a kind of literary intestinal bypass approach to authorship, then from time to time, for most of us quite regularly, you are going to say things that you or an editor would never allow to stand in a book or other traditional form of writing.  Yet the opposite is also obviously true:  Blogging is protection against making a total fool out of yourself because it’s a protection against any symbolically total or definitive statement at all.  I don’t need to delete my foolishness.  The next post, or the one after that, or the one after the one after the one after the one after the one will erase it for me, and everyone knows it ahead of time.

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  1. I imagine that is apology for that treacly piece on ‘the first Gay President’ honestly, you would think Obama had done more than express an opinion;

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