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Donna Summer RIP – “I Feel Love” (NB “Marriage” as Dialectical Principle) [blackbirdpie id=”203187117147435008″]

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The Marriage of Equality and Inequality – 1: Bigotry

The bigot is the individual whose beliefs are so contrary to the fundamental commitments of an egalitarian culture that they are not and cannot be worthy of serious discussion, but only of scorn and ridicule – or, for those whose political sensibilities are still impaired by remnant sympathies, of mandatory confession, self-criticism, and disassociation.

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The Marriage of Equality and Inequality (Prologue)


“Marriage, and essentially monogamy, is one of the absolute principles on which the ethical life of a community is based; the institution of marriage is therefore included as one of the moments in the foundation of states by gods or heroes.”

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Bibi Christ

Netanyahu at CUFI Conference

The concept of revelatory sacrifice may even be the best frame for understanding potential Israeli action, but also the potential withholding of action, against Iran. If the effect is more maddening than practical or helpful, it may be because the whole predicament is already so tragically mad, something Morris probably understands, or at least understood, as well as anyone.

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Siri is after me

Changing the post title from”[obscenity] Siri” to “Ghost Machine,” didn’t appease the data goddess.  Maybe she liked it better the other way.  Maybe Siri wants to be virtually fuckable. Whatever the explanation, over the weekend and heading into today, I’ve

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Ghost Machine


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Two New Sites

Installed and designed two new sites: Anam Cara Yoga Studio and Wright Turn Only.

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Let them eat flat screens

The argument wins out, on the basis of something like the Rawlsean compromise, but remains sustainable only within artificially defined borders without which its appeal to the pure selfishness of an utterly empty self would be exposed not just in its self-insignificance, but in relation to what must be destroyed to keep it materially if not morally alive – at least until the day that the absurdity by whatever unthinkable and therefore totally unexpected way impinges on it as though from the outside, the externality revealing itself as always having been internal after all.

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