Citizenship Annihilated

The Citizens United decision and its application joining together and heightening disgust with and alienation from multiple central institutions of republican democracy – Supreme Court, the “free” media, popular elections – with some prospect of contaminating the entire political-ideological superstructure <-> triumph of our self-consciously most ardent patriots.

Put differently:  The ideal brought to the level of purity necessary for it to be negated by any contact with the actual – the anti-matter of originalism meeting the matter of 2012 America.

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  1. You know if McCain had raised 750 million and Obama had abided by the limits, then there might be a point, but that campaign showed one was a sucker for following the rules, from AIG to Washington Mutual, including unverified transactions
    from ‘Mickey Mouse’, Obama bought the kind of air superiority, only available to a fleet of Colonial Marine dreadnoughts.

  2. You seem to be saying, Don Miguel, that CU would be justified as some kind of payback vs Obama. If so, wouldn’t that mark the Supremes as even more politicized rather than “supreme”? If Obama somehow shares some of the blame, that doesn’t make the decision any better and certainly doesn’t make the system itself any sounder.

    I’m not convinced, yet, that the campaign contributions actually will have a great effect on outcomes at least on the presidential level, but they can help to alienate the potential electorate even further, and not just from electioneering narrowly. I don’t know whether it’s more symbol than substance at this point – a country in the fourth year of a financial crisis giving even more of a voice to the super-wealthy. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe it doesn’t matter because nothing that the system can produce can matter in the way that it would matter if it mattered.

  3. Scalia, has always warned, really don’t ask us to decide something, unless it is absolutely necessary, CU was about a polemic film about that ephemera that was Hillary, that could not be shown within 60 days of a campaign, we know who all the players are behind the PACs, Mitten’s wall street minions, vs, most Adelson’s one man show, one might argue that one was more irresponsible than the other, and on the other side, you have the likes of Maher funding Campaign Priorities or some such thing.

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