Why does a scorpion defecate in the desert? Because it’s in his nature. Every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, whenever a scorpion poops, a galaxy explodes. That’s how many galaxies there are!

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  1. Frog, you would say that. Fortunately, I’m not only all for scorpions to keep on living, but I’m also all for frogs living too, and that balances out the universal energies here, and things are fine despite all the pooping.

  2. yup, I like to offer a contrapositive statement ev’ry now and again.

    however, not all frogs and all scorpions can continue to live …esp as some dumb frogs think that they can survive with a scorpion on their back.

    • It might work. Of course I understand if you think that that encouragement to trust us is just another Scorpionic attempt to end up half way across some body of water before stinging you. I know. We live with the mistrust.

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