Progress beyond progress through the foundation of the Founding

To progress beyond progress we will need to penetrate more deeply into the foundation of the Founding.

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  1. From your comment:

    I don’t believe that we can at this time assume or still assume that history “is or ought to be progress” and so on. There is much reason at least to suspect that the idea is at best incomplete, and that like other dreams of reason it tends to give birth to monsters.

    I think that this remark comes from you and not any self-described “conservative” is about the 2nd best illumination of the incoherence that is American “conservatism” I’ve seen online ever. The 1st would be this.

    • Well gee golly gosh, Mr. Psycho, who could ever compete with THAT? Phew…

      Otherwise, thanks, I was about ready to conclude that the “dialogue” with Mr. Van Dyke had really been completely pointless for everyone except possibly me, and, since I could just be crazy, I couldn’t even be sure of that.

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  1. […] At the League, self-styled liberal-progressive Conor Williams and self-styled constitutional conservative Tim Kowal continue a debate over the “American-ness” of progressivism that, if only certain familiar cranks and leading politicians were not determined to advertise their apparently as invincible as influential misconceptions, I would consider somewhere between closed and ludicrous. This time, oddly enough, a friend and ally of Kowal’s with whom I’ve had several frustrating exchanges more than halfway backed up the counter-position.  For once we were able to move to something like new ground in an attempt to articulate the American Idea more clearly – from my perspective for the sake of the effort to think beyond it. […]

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