peculiar lee
peculiarly curly
pop trash affections

send above to BOMB

sum peeple fined me goodlookin
sum peeple don’
sum peeple fine me goodlookin
sum peeple don’
sum peeple find me goodlooking
sum peeple don’

peculiarly curly pop trash affections
sendabatabah curly sendabatabah pop
sendabatabah sum peeple
sendabatabah don’
trash affections trash affections
sum peeple don’

sum peeple don’ curly
sum peeple don’ sum peeple
sum peeple find me peculiarly

peculiarly peculiarly peculiarly
peculiarly peculiarly peculiarly peculiarly peculiarly             peculiarly


perculyurlyurlyurlurrrrrrllllllllecurellyurlurlurlllurllllll     llllyaryaryarlllyly



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  1. Indeed, that is the one! My favorite and it still works to this day. If you are inclined, I think you should film yourself reading the poem.
    Thanks for posting it. I really do dig it, Curly. Sorry.

  2. I would be more inclined to doing audio-visual and other versions of you were inclined to working up illustrations. And you can call me “curly.” I am curly. I’m curlily curly, and this particular poem is probably particularly peculiarly a self-portrait.

  3. The self-portrait becomes more obvious with the visuals added. You were on stage, or at least sitting on a chair in front of an audience when I heard this poem the first time. It was in a place near LACMA, sort of. In that area. An art gallery maybe? Anyway, it was cool to see this written as well. If you just did the kind of thing we were working out for WIHY, you could just film yourself and have the words pan across screen too. That would be particular lee cool with this poem.

    • It would have been at New Mastodon bookstore/art gallery, and the last public reading I ever gave. I once had a photograph from the event, not sure if it still exists, and, if so, where.

      My dream’d be a hand-made ltd edition of selected Old Stuff Gone Over on rag paper, with chiaroscuro illustrations of the sort you did for Sodom & Ganeesha… For people retreating from technology and back into the world. But even a single piece of cover art… just a single simple illustration that I could use for these posts would be inspirational in relation to a video effort. Might eventually lead even to a big comeback performance. Alert TMZ.

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