So looks like someone is finally gonna do something about that pesky T-Mobile Gal.

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  1. Now that’s the blog I originally came here for, interesting this new FX series, ‘The Americans’ written by a former CIA officer, Weisberg, mostly takes the side of a Russian sleeper cell in Early 80s America, think of it as a cross between Salt and Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  2. Yeah, noticed the promos, were being shown a lot during Live Free or Die Harder which I happened to have on the TV the other night. Looks a lot more realistic than Mr & Mrs Smith, one of my favoriter guilty pleasures of the last decade or so. Never saw Salt, but it looked like more of an actioner, too. The series looks More like Mad Cheloveki.

    • None of the sequels has been anywhere near as good as #1, but that’s to be expected. All of them have been good action movies of a sort not much made anymore – WW2, high American-national rather than imperial, working class cop, “Fanfare for the Common Man” kind of hero.

  3. Well in #3. she was a German terrorist, and in #4, she was the future Nikita, I don’t recall was there a John Jr, when William Atherton’s nosy Journo, blackmailed himself into the home.

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