The Sessions Resume (Theory of Torture Discussion Self-Reflexivity)

torture (n.): early 15c., “contortion, twisting, distortion,” from Old French torture “infliction of great pain, great pain, agony,” and directly from Late Latin torture “a twisting, writhing, torture, torment,” from stem of Latin torquere “to twist, turn, wind, wring, distort.”

Perhaps all statements on torture – all posts, all comments, all movies, all books, all speeches, all laws, all promises, all revelations, all recollections, all testimonies, all condemnations, all dramatizations, all secrets, all questions, all conclusions – are destined to be distorted, twisted, agonized, tormented statements.

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  1. I don’t know Colin, you’ve twisted yourself into supporting mountebanks like Imam Rauf and demagogues like Morsy, and denouncing sincere public servants like Yoo and the Huntress, for comparison’s sake, over these last three years, repeating long disproven claims, from Ali Soufan, and Nicole Wallace,

    • Sr. Cervantes, you continue to show an inability to distinguish between a rejection of calumny and an offer of support. I never supported Rauf or Morsi. I support analyzing their positions or initiatives fairly. I have had very little to say about Yoo, ever, until the post prior to this one, in which I argued indirectly, by criticizing his critics, against making him a scapegoat, and in favor of giving his views a hearing, or attempting to understanding them from his point of view. As for the Huntress, she is utterly irrelevant.

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