WW Me/Summer Getaway

Fall of Saigon, WWZ poster detail

Fall of Saigon, WWZ poster detail

The Fall of Saigon imagery came to mind for me immediately when I first saw the WWZ advance poster. I have an idea that there are other famous or iconic desperately-rushing-the-escape-craft photos worth comparing, but no specific ones have come to mind. Any suggestions?

Truth is, I’m still somewhat distracted, or on what amounts to a blog strike until either I’ve taken care of certain personal matters or some secret admirer donates a large lump sum to me, me, me. Don’t even have the free time to go see WWZ and prepare an official zombie Zombie Contentions response to it.

No doubt as a result of the movie’s publicity campaign and release, one of the most popular posts at this blog, or the one that has received the most hits anyway, is “Genocidal Eros,” a kind of review in advance that begins with my vastly improved WWZ trailer, which I’ve reprised below. When I take the minute or two to watch it again, I also imagine a world in which I’d planned better, or at all, or had had any idea how to, for a time like this one in my life. I know I’m hardly alone in sustaining, or mostly quietly suppressing, a sense of private-personal chaos whose outward or shared and collective expression, at least in the absence of some ineluctably focusing common external experience, of some successfully unified and unifying complex of liberating fear and desperate hope, may be the EOTWAWKI flick.

…but like I said… don’t really have time to track down or escape, or track down and destroy and thus make possible the escape from these latest undead contentions.

(be patient for slow video load – original trailer here)

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  1. Well the set piece in the book is the battle of Yonkers, which becomes Philadelphia in the film, the events that move to Israel, from China, in the former, happen later on,

  2. It’s been a dispiriting summer series, might go see Reds 2, or Pacific Rim, but otherwise,

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