Please proceed, dictator

When we last discussed Syria policy, before I went on Summer blog strike, I restricted myself to general observations, but, in the nearly three months since then, the “particular ground” that I had been refraining from trying to analyze in detail has been coming into focus (and target sights, and GPS coordinate databases) somewhat on its own. As for me, having concluded the main or anyway most time-intensive, foundational part of the project that has been absorbing my attention, and having taken care of some other business, I expect soon to publish a longish post on Syria, specifically on East Ghouta and the global security system. I also expect to take up smaller parts of the larger discussion, and I’m not sure which, the big or the smalls, I’ll get to first.

As I further consider how to proceed, and consider the latest 1,000 tweets to catch up on, and consider lunch, too, let me offer a musical prelude, an old favorite cued to a passage that I have lately half-expected to sound from the mouth of Rep. Alan Grayson (D, Orlando) whenever he appears on TV as lead vocalist of the “progressive” opposition to the President:


…and the host on MSNBC or CNN or wherever else he’d shown up, would, I am confident, nod complacently, then turn to the other guest.

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  1. Syria, is that corner of hell, that Hieronymous Bosch didn’t get a chance to observed, this is before allied intervention, a bouillabaise of Russians and Iranians on one hand, and KSA and Qatar backed rebels, how can this possibly end well?

  2. Congrats to you , Scott and everyone involved on the new site! Looks very good visually. I think this kind of thing will be very useful for yogis. Look forward to seeing how it progresses

    • Thanks, and me, too! I’m hoping that the project on its own terms or possibly some related projects will provide a way out of a collectibles business that I more or less backed into 10 years ago and am trying to wind down.

      I’m also wondering whether the model we arrived at for a donation-supported non-profit membership site might travel or neo-imperialistically federate a bit. I could even convert this site, or my main effort relating to my own work, into something along those lines.

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