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Like Sulia’s text-animator, Storify’s “slideshows” seem a little hinky, possibly as a result of cross-application fratricide, possibly for reasons internal to the application itself. So: apologies if my experiments with them have weirded your browsing or wasted your time in other ways.

Just for the sake of explanation, and to note these user-experience matters while they’re on my mind, for my own part I made the mistake with the last post of trying to develop it on Storify. In the process of examining export-to-blog possibilities, I published it prematurely, then ended up shuttling back and forth between blog and Storify trying to conform edits. It’s also not possible on Storify itself to un-publish a post. Can’t really think it was helpful to the post itself as a piece of writing.

Another hink I noticed is that, as with the Sulia text animations, trying to show more than one slideshow at a time creates problems. In the case of the slide-shows, showing more than one on the same (main) page seemed impossible at least on Firefox and Chrome. Since I wasn’t too happy with the second slide show anyway, I just deleted it.

I’m still thinking about doing a longer post focusing on Sulia, but I want to give the Suliers more of a chance to answer some questions about how they expect people to use their product. I still find aspects of it rather mystifying. Have you guys checked it out at all?

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  1. For my N=1 part, sulia holds no interest ’cause I can’ read that fast.

    As I mentioned before, I found storify’s retro futurism interesting, but again my personal limited bandwidth makes learning how to use it at this point, low on the list of stuff to learn.

    • I meant the whole Sulia web site, not just the text-animator thing. Storify is likewise a lot more than the slideshow app (which I haven’t seen anyone else use). People I’ve seen use Storify mostly to preserve interesting Twitter exchanges in a format more straightforward than the Slideshow, though you can use it to aggregate material from other sources, too.

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