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Face of the Faceless

This can’t really be what the designers intended, right?

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Discounted Countenance (TNR’s web re-design a year later)

TNR’s web designers would hardly be the first to make war on the ideology of the naturalistic image or on some other mode or claim of representation.

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state-nation as nation-state

Its notion turns the whole world upside down, since the ideal state-nation is the universal homogeneous state, the world state or the democracy whose demos would be all of humankind, not any particular state within history but the action of history itself under a declared progressively “federative concept.”

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product of our virtues and proof of them

In ignoring the geographic, political-economic, ethnic, religious impediments to the universalization of the human idea, Americans repeat those ineluctably pleasing, necessary operations of the spirit that tell us our luck – or the sum of our combined advantages in relation to geography, politics, economics, ethnicities, and religions – is deserved, a product of our virtues and a proof of them, whatever costs to others not only unavoidable, but just.

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consider done

Links to should work just fine for now, instantly re-directing you to reincarnations of the old posts, pages, images, and everything else. Still, though you don’t need to update your bookmarks, you probably should do so – replacing with – if you intend to keep coming by, since someday likely prior to the end of the internet as we know it, likely prior to the end of your own browsing life, I or successor will stop renewing the ZC domain name or maintaining the re-directs.

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The United States of Melissa Harris-Perry

A difficulty with the question of the public intellectual at this time, a sense of a non-integral and irrelevant public discourse or discourse of discourses seems to typify the present conjuncture or global moment of the disappearance of a political-cultural concept in its own hyper-extension.

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Know your enmity

Thomas Joscelyn makes the following observation about Al Qaeda’s “grand strategy” in his article “Know Your Enemy” at The Weekly Standard: Meanwhile, al Qaeda strives on towards its real goal. It is a difficult course, and success is far from

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Richard Dawkins’ Ignorance (a theological fact to learn)

The notion of a non-existence of theological fact is the opposite of the atheist thought, which originates in, constitutes, and upholds a position on its own absolute theological facticity. The doubt as to the existence of theological fact at all would be the beginning of the agnostic or possibly the anismic, not the atheist, inquiry.

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