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Follow-up/interim report on Relevanssi WordPress search

Just to note, the disrupted formatting issue on Relevanssi search seems to have been solved, but the solution led to new complications and new open issues currently under discussion and unresolved with the developer. In short, there was an initial

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I and Ye

The word is not or never merely a collection of sounds or symbols but the primordial actuality for discourse of discourse itself.

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A Collective Suicide Note

Wilhelm Goes to War

So much to admire about this historical document, which came up yesterday on the excellent twitter feed of “Todo libro antiguo” (@Libroantiguo) with the following description: “Declaration of war from the German Empire 1914, starting WORLD WAR I. Signed by the German Kaiser Wilhelm II.”

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Twitter Digest: Initial Implementation (Tweets of 2014.02.21)

Almost “there”: Tweets from 2014.02.21

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I agree with pretty much everything in this post at the WPMU DEV blog on “common web design UX errors,” especially in regard to the dysfunctionality from a “UX” (user experience) perspective both of big “Vanity Images” and of “Sliders,”

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Customizing WordPress Search with Relevanssi

This is the first of what I intend to be a series of notes on WordPress and general installation, customization, development issues. I’ll mainly try to note what I’m doing as I do it, though in future entries I may also seek to catch up on and review what I’ve learned over the course of years working with WordPress and other Open Source applications, from my first efforts hacking PHP, CSS, and JAVA code that I only just barely understood, to writing my first functions and plug-ins the “right way” or as right as I can figure out how to do it.

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2014.02.18 – Unhappy Consciousness and True Detective (Title Sequence)

Perhaps disappointingly, perhaps necessarily, TRUE DETECTIVE will likely end up having to mean something, and not stand merely as an assertion of the impossibility or pointlessness of assertion – the kind of statement nearly credible, because comical, coming from a character in a Thomas Bernhard novel or in the theater of the absurd: the never believable claim, because destructive of any belief, that it would be better on balance for our hero, for the story’s tortured victims, and for us, never to have lived at all.

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President’s Day special: [youtube ]

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…experimenting with a new format… got furtherer to go (additional formatting, automation), but this’ll do for now…

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Zionism in the balance…

Hirsch produces the form of an argument that, to whatever extent it is understood on its own terms, as accurately attributing to Zionism an un- or anti-Christian as well as illiberal essence, may make the Zionist position more difficult to sustain politically in a Judeo-Christian and broadly liberal national political culture: Zionism appears in Hirsch’s claims as an affront to the liberal-universalist commitments that define the United States of America aspirationally, and at the same time, for Americans who understand their Americanism as a nationalism, as a geographically concretized proxy ethnicity, as a fatally alien interest, subject to continual re-weighing in whichever balance.

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