…experimenting with a new format… got furtherer to go (additional formatting, automation), but this’ll [have to] do for now…

…just want a more informal mode of blog-expression… think I’ll try one “notes” post a day, update it or not as the hours goes by, main intention is freedom to scrawl and stray… scrapbooking and annotating quotes, links, tweets, images, whatever, easier to link or to find later than Wall notes… feel free to add your own in the comments… for the eternal or close enough archives…

…if I end up wasting energy and disfiguring ideas instead of developing arguments carefully in the more formal style I prefer on principle, then… well, who cares anyway?

…meanwhile today am restraining myself from swatting at a certain kind of thing in the kind of way that would tend further to convince anyone who’s been paying attention but not close attention that the only people in the world whose side I’m willing to take are people who don’t deserve to have anyone taking their side… and the only people I’m willing to criticize are people I probably just envy…


Cool – just wanted to be sure I could insert current time (my time – tho I’ll have to look into the time formatting since I think we could do without the seconds).

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  1. Geometry was really a HS favorite for me. We also didn’t use graph paper – I mean straight edge and compass right? The teacher, first day of class, said he would give an A for the course to anyone who could trisect an angle using straight edge and compass. I tried all year.

    But I digress…

    Format direction is fine with me…maybe you’ll trisect the angle of opinion.

    • Don’t know if it was a Los Angeles Unified School District thing, or a California thing, or a teacher thing, or is a shaky memory thing. I believe my time in that class may have been interrupted by a relatively severe illness – so some of it’s even blurrier than usual – and it was Junior High School – 8th Grade – but anyway we didn’t use straight edges or compasses much either. The focus instead was on proving theorems and putting together a geometry notebook to hand in at the end of the semester. I wish I’d kept mine, since I spent a lot of time on format and on proving every theorem ever in every best possible way, making up for missed school days and excused for handing it in late…

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