A Collective Suicide Note

Wilhelm Goes to War

h/t @Libroantiguo

So much to admire about this historical document, which came up yesterday on the excellent twitter feed of “Todo libro antiguo” (@Libroantiguo) with the following description: “Declaration of war from the German Empire 1914, starting WORLD WAR I. Signed by the German Kaiser Wilhelm II.”

Even without any German, we can read the contrast between “royal designs” and “modern realities,” filigree vs. typewriter. The locution “Wir Wilhelm” – “We Wilhelm” – immediately recalls the entire order of things largely eradicated, and consigned to the past, by the same war that is very officially being commenced. The full heading is: “We Wilhelm, by the Grace of God German Emperor, King of Prussia II.” The typed portion begins with “verordnen” – “order,” in the first person plural – then cites an article of the German Imperial constitution, re-affirms the document’s character as a statement in the name of the German Empire, and declares a state of war throughout the imperial territory including the Kingdom of Bavaria. The order, we are informed, takes force on the day of its announcement. Its import is confirmed by “our most personal and genuine” (“hoechsteigenhandigen”) signature and seal.

In lower left, beneath the imprint of the German imperial eagle, the document receives its title: “O R D E R , / concerning/ the declaration of state of war.” The word for “order,” “Verordnung,” appears in present-day German dictionaries as the word for a medical prescription. In this instance, it’s a prescription for the purpose of euthanizing the physician who wrote it along with the collective self he or royally they once represented.



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  1. Well wasn’t Austria, really at fault, but their empire had dissolved by war’s end, of course, Ferguson figures the better part of valor was to stay out ‘but that’s been his premise, since ‘Pity;

    • If the Austro-Hungarian Empire jumps off a cliff, does that mean you should?

      I don’t see judgments of the sort you attribute to Ferguson to be worth anything. It’s very much like suggesting that a particular individual would be better off if he or she was someone else – absurd.

      Norman Stone’s well-supported assertion, that the Germans at the time were looking for an excuse to act and found one, seems reasonable to me, but the origins of the German desperation – the idea that Germany’s national-imperial destiny was imperiled and that the alternative would be intolerable – were not simply or exclusively German. Nor was the idea simply wrong. The sequel to WWI – the German catastrophe all the way through the re-division of the state and its subordination to rising powers – resembled and effectively amounted to what the German grand strategists had hoped to avoid through victory, which would have meant destruction of Russia’s imperial potential and domination of the Eurasian landmass. In that sense the Germans weren’t wrong, in the sense of having a wrong estimation. The German predicament was wrong: The odds were against them, and they lost.

      It is quite conceivable that the same or parallel circumstances will recur, as far off and unlikely as that may appear to be right now, during an era in which the old dynamic has been sublimated as economic and financial “warfare,” and Germany satisfies itself with a kind of regional neo-imperialism.

  2. Yes, they wrong, they were bound by the treaty, but it’s too easy to
    judge them as wrong, when they weren’t the sole provocateurs,

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[E]ven Fox didn’t tout Bartiromo’s big scoops on Trump’s legislative agenda, because 10 months into the Trump presidency, nobody is so foolish as to believe that him saying, “We’re doing a big infrastructure bill,” means that the Trump administration is, in fact, doing a big infrastructure bill. The president just mouths off at turns ignorantly and dishonestly, and nobody pays much attention to it unless he says something unusually inflammatory.On some level, it’s a little bit funny. On another level, Puerto Rico is still languishing in the dark without power (and in many cases without safe drinking water) with no end in sight. Trump is less popular at this point in his administration than any previous president despite a generally benign economic climate, and shows no sign of changing course. Perhaps it will all work out for the best, and someday we’ll look back and chuckle about the time when we had a president who didn’t know anything about anything that was happening and could never be counted on to make coherent, factual statements on any subject. But traditionally, we haven’t elected presidents like that — for what have always seemed like pretty good reasons — and the risks of compounding disaster are still very much out there.

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So, does Mitchell make any money on the work, which has been shared so many times? He uploaded a high-res image of the symbol and granted permission for anyone to use it personally for free. But for those who want to support his work or simply want something readymade, you can also buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and journals emblazoned with the symbol through Threadless.“I really just want to spread the image as much as possible and cement it in history,” Mitchell says. “In all honesty, the amount I’ve made from my Threadless shop so far is still less than my hourly rate, so I don’t really see it as a big deal. If you look at my Twitter, half the replies are people wanting to know where they can buy a shirt. Threadless is happy to help them out with that, and so I’m happy to let that happen.”Now that the symbol has flooded our streets and our timelines, Mitchell just has one request: “Impeach this idiot already,” he says.

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This is a Waterloo moment for Trump, the tea party and their alliance. They have been stopped in their tracks not only by Democratic opposition but because of a mutiny within their own ranks. Although never particularly liked or respected, it is now clear that they are no longer feared. The bankruptcy of their ideas and their incompetence have been exposed. Their momentum has been dissipated. Their rejection of political norms has itself been scorned. Our long national nightmare may finally be coming to an end.

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