Twitter Digest: Initial Implementation (Tweets of 2014.02.21)

Almost “there” on this feature I’ve long wanted to have on my blog. 

  1. another conservative defense of Putin h/t @joshuafoust (who finds it “offensive and dishonest”) 08:33:53
  2. the defense of Putin/Putin’s Russia crystallizes as a defense of the state along virtually pre-modern lines, fascist by default 08:38:58
  3. #pt so “offensive” to a liberal-democratic sensibility, but perhaps less “dishonest” than self-interestedly selective @joshuafoust 08:42:18
  4. RT @YuliaSkyNews: Ok, while I have quick internet (it’s been a while), will share pictures. Note at the hotel Ukraine in Kiev.… 08:46:28
  5. @joshuafoust from a certain idea of the ethical or political responsibilitties of the intellectual, in other words, not “disinterested” in reply to joshuafoust 09:05:41
  6. RT @NASAJPL: Bow, Wow, Wow! @NASASpitzer sees giant bow shock in front of a speeding star 09:32:50
  7. @MaxAbrahms suspicious video player download scheme, made to resemble Adobe flash, attached to that link in reply to MaxAbrahms 09:36:29
  8. RT @DaveMc99TA: Lol RT @wusa9: Man fired for using an 8,000-pound forklift in an attempt to retrieve Twix bar from a vending machine http:/… 09:39:37
  9. Stand Your Swamp RT @WandaRingRound Is This What The World Will Look Like In Hundreds Of Years? via @HuffPostGreen in reply to WandaRingRound 13:47:56
  10. @Sheedism except the first 90 minutes will be devoted to his making the Decision. in reply to Sheedism 17:49:57
  11. Could be true! RT @LiveScience Humans and Dogs Use Same Brain Area to Get Others’ Emotions in reply to LiveScience 17:59:30
  12. @Brett_Fujioka Obama-Lama Drama? in reply to Brett_Fujioka 18:01:18
  13. @steven_metz Artist, Schindler’s, and, I dunno, Best Years of our Lives or something? in reply to steven_metz 18:07:08
  14. @steven_metz I colored it in my recollection… in reply to steven_metz 18:12:43
  15. RT @Libroantiguo: Declaration of war from the German Empire 1914, starting WORLD WAR I. Signed by the German Kaiser Wilhelm II.… 18:20:11

Unfortunately, there is a problem with handling of a certain type of link: Picture links especially in the original tweets seem to get chewed up when “digested.” I’m trying to get in contact with the developer, and will be trying out some further hacks as time allows. But here’s the product for now. The only hacks it contains was the substitution of an “ordered list” for an “unordered list.” I’ve also added some CSS classes that made styling the input easier. The numbering format is based on code by Roger Johansson.

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