Follow-up/interim report on Relevanssi WordPress search

Just to note, the disrupted formatting issue on Relevanssi search seems to have been solved, but the solution led to new complications and new open issues currently under discussion and unresolved with the developer. In short, there was an initial problem with intolerable page-load delays, and then, as soon as they were solved, a third possibly connected problem having to with failure to “index” the site or its contents consistently. Details are at the WordPress Relevanssi support threads, but I won’t go into them here until investigation has gone further. For now, I have left Relevanssi disabled pending further developments, but I have not given up hope on the plug-in itself.

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    1. […] update of Relevanssi, version 3.3.4, seems to have handled the problems mentioned in my “interim report” – so I am using it now on the blog, and searches will now include all comments as well […]

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